A Woman Managed To Board A Delta Flight In Orlando With No ID Or Boarding Pass, When Asked For ID She Showed A Picture Of Herself On Her Phone

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passenger gets on delta flight with no id or boarding pass


There are some people out there that are nervous to sneak into a movie they didn’t pay for or to snag a drink from the fountain when they asked for a water cup at a restaurant; this lady that snuck onto a Delta flight does not seem like that type of person.

Remember, in order to get through security you have to show ID and your boarding pass, so she somehow got through that as well before stepping on the plane, which is insanely alarming.

According to a passenger, a woman snuck onto a Delta flight from Orlando to Atlanta and was found out after the woman stole the passenger’s seat and refused to move.

The story gets better, a lot better actually. When flight attendants asked her for her boarding pass she said she threw it away. Next they asked her for ID and she showed them a picture of herself on her phone; she really did that.

According to the passenger who didn’t want to be identified, the woman refused to get up from the seat. “I also had a boarding pass for that seat, and she said very bluntly, ‘I’m not moving.'”

The passenger told WFTV she asked for a flight attendant who came over and noted the woman wasn’t listed on the flight’s manifest.

When they asked for her boarding pass, the woman said she threw it away and when they asked for her ID, she showed them a photo of herself on her phone, WFTV reported.

The passenger recalled a conversation between the woman and the flight attendant.

Well, I’m showing you a picture ID,” the woman said. “Ma’am, that’s not a government-issued ID. That’s a photo,” the flight attendant said. “Well, this is just as good,” the woman said. “No, ma’am, it’s not just as good,” the flight attendant said.

What a move from this woman. I can’t imagine a human being doing that at a bar when asked for ID let alone on a damn airplane.

Delta released a statement apologizing for the delay on the flight 1516, but at this time it’s still an unknown as to how she got past the checkpoints and on the plane.

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