Patrick Mahomes’ Fiancée Now Selling ‘Team Brittany’ Shirts In Response To Backlash

Patrick Mahomes Fiancee Now Selling Team Brittany Shirts

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  • Patrick Mahomes’ fiancée is now selling “Team Brittany” shirts in response to all the backlash against her.
  • Brittany Matthews says she will match all sales and the money will go towards an anti-bullyng charity.
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Patrick Mahomes’ family is the most insufferable group of fans in sports. It used to be the Ball family, but Lavar has toned things down a lot, while Mahomes’ fiancée Brittany Matthews has dialed it up to 11.

Not a week in the NFL season goes by that she or someone else in the Mahomes family doesn’t do something that annoys people. (Looking at you Jackson Mahomes.)

Last week, after the Chiefs’ insane victory over the Bills in the NFL divisional round, Brittany Matthews once again caught the ire of football fans when she took it upon herself to spray a bottle of champagne on the fans below her suite.

A lot of fans thought Matthews was being very inconsiderate considering most people don’t want to be soaked on a freezing cold day and reek of champagne as they sit in their car waiting to get out of the parking lot.

Matthews’ response? “I just wish I could do what I want without getting attacked every week,” she tweeted.

That too, did not go over well.

So, in response to the fans’ response to her response, Brittany Matthews is now selling t-shirts that say “Team Brittany” on them.

Proceeds from the “Team Brittany” t-shirt sales are supposed to go to an anti-bullying charity, according to the manufacturer.

Matthews will be matching all the proceeds generated by the ‘Team Brittany’ shirt sales

“Me and my team have decided to try to turn this buzz into something and something good for the Kansas City community,” Matthews said on Instagram.

“We have decided that part of the proceeds from the sales of this shirt are gonna go to Red Card KC which is a local charity here in Kansas City that works to prevent bullying,” she continued.

“Obviously, I do receive a lot of hate on a daily basis on social media and I know so so so many other people do as well,” she went on.

“That’s why I’m just proud to partner with this company and get behind this cause and hopefully push everything into the right direction and start spreading some more positivity on all of these platforms.”

Response to Matthews’ “Team Brittany” shirt idea were, well, they were pretty predictable.