Here’s A Timeline Of Patrick Mahomes’ Family Becoming The Most Insufferable Fans In The World

Patrick Mahomes family worst sports fans

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  • Here’s a look at how Patrick Mahomes’ family became the most insufferable sports fans on the planet
  • This timeline will give you a better idea of exactly how his mom Randi, brother Jackson, and fiancée Brittany Matthews have firmly cemented themselves as the worst clan in the world
  • Read more about the Chiefs quarterback here

If you’ve played organized sports at basically any level, you’ve likely encountered the dreaded “Sports Das” at some point during your travels; the kind of guys who try to get a coach fired over their kid’s playing time, spend an entire Little League game harassing a teenage umpire working for a free cheeseburger and a Gatorade, and challenge other Sports Dads to fight them in the parking lot.

There is perhaps no more notable example of the archetypical Sports Dad than LaVar Ball. However, it’s important to note insufferable family members come in all shapes and forms, and as I wrote after the Chiefs fell to the Buccaneers in Super Bowl LV, there’s perhaps no collective that highlights this better than a trio of Patrick Mahomes’ biggest supporters.

Over the past few years, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has transformed into one of the most formidable passers in the NFL—and during that span, his mother Randi, brother Jackson, and fiancée Brittany Matthews have become increasingly intolerable to a point where I don’t see how you could argue there’s any who comes close to topping the Mahomes clan as the most unbearable family in the world of sports.

How did they manage to become the equivalent of Jean-Ralphio’s sister? To give you a better idea, I put together a timeline so you can see how Randi Mahomes, Jackson Mahomes, and Brittany Matthews joined forces to become the woooooooorst.

June 2018

Before we dive into things, I should note that every story on this list is limited to articles from the BroBible archives. As a result, there’s a chance I’m missing some examples that confirm my thesis, but as you’ll see, there’s not exactly a shortage from the past few years.

Things didn’t really begin to escalate until 2020 rolled around, but with that said, we got our first hint of what was in store when Matthews—who is the undisputed G.O.A.T. of eye-rolling antics—posted a couple of bikini pics on Instagram to respond to the haters who think Mahomes “could do so much better” when it comes to a romantic partner.

July 2020

I’ll admit this one is a bit of a stretch compared to everything else on this list, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention a series of Postmates orders Matthews placed on July 20, 2020. On that fateful day, Mahomes’ fiancée ordered a dragon fruit bowl at one restaurant and some food from a donut shop in a span of five minutes, and a few hours later, she had another driver bring her IHOP for dinner.

It’s worth noting all three of those orders were placed two months into a pregnancy, and while I’m sure the drivers who helped her satisfying those cravings received a solid tip, getting food delivered from three different spots over the span of three hours at the peak of a pandemic is the kind of thing I feel says a lot about a person.

September 2020

Our first entry featuring Randi Mahomes comes courtesy of a tweet she posted taking aim at an ESPN announcer who had the gall to refer to her son as “Pat” instead of “Patrick” on Monday Night Football.

Mahomes father—who divorced Randi in 2006—was known as “Pat” when he was an MLB pitcher who bounced around the league over a career that spanned a little more than a decade, and his son adopted “Patrick” to avoid any confusion.

The announcer eventually apologized for the oversight, and while I can understand why Randi would prefer to avoid being reminded of her ex, it was a fairly innocent mixup that didn’t really need to be greeted that that degree of indignity.

October 2020

This was an absolutely banner month for Matthews, who kicked things off by calling for a Patriots defender to be ejected from a game after Mahomes pulled out a Premier League-caliber flop following a hit—the same weekend Randi opted to expand her horizons by ripping LeBron James for walking off the court early during a loss.

Matthews returned the following weekend to partake in her favorite tradition—criticizing the refs whenever things don’t go Kansas City’s way—and wrapped up the month by once again addressing her critics on social media by claiming she refuses to respond to them or let them get under her skin (which, as you will see, does not appear to actually be the case).

November 2020

When the Chiefs faced off against Tampa Bay, things went Kansas City’s way when Jason Pierre-Paul was flagged for a very questionable roughing the passer penalty on Mahomes. Matthews took to Twitter to say “Sorry, you can’t touch him,” which was less of a chirp and more of an admission that her fiancé was the beneficiary of the weak calls she’s more than happy to complain about when things don’t go in his favor.

January 2021

We’ve still got more than two months before 2021 comes to an end, and when you consider the exponential rise in insufferable moments we’ve been treated to over the course of the year, there’s no telling what’s in store.

In January, Randi kicked things off when she accused Browns linebacker Mack Wilson of committing an “evil” act during a tackle where her son was concussed after having his head inadvertently slammed into the turf, which was just a preview of the Peak Mahomes and Co. behavior we were treated to when the Super Bowl rolled around.

February 2021

Prior to The Big Game, Matthews left plenty of people scratching their heads after she expressed her displeasure with fans who compare and debate the merits of various players; you know, the metrics that serve as the foundation of every draft, contract, and basically the entire concept of sports.

It then came as no surprise when she took issue with ESPN when the network dubbed Mahomes the “baby G.O.A.T.” ahead of his Super Bowl showdown with undisputed G.O.A.T. Tom Brady. She and Randi doubled down when ESPN’s Twitter account posted some pictures of a sad Mahomes in the closing minutes of Kansas City’s loss to Tampa Bay, with the latter also going out of her way to tag Gisele Bundchen in a tweet where she suggest the officials had a hand in the absolute blowout.

June 2021

It took us a while, but Jackson got in on the action over the summer when the TikTok star had Matthews join him in a video they recorded of themselves dancing in a restaurant. There was nothing particularly offensive about the clip itself, but it feels important to include because of Patrick’s impressive disinterest in the extracurricular activities that unfolded while he kept eating his meal.

September 2021

Matthews once again called for the head of an opposing player after Browns safety Ronnie Harrison Jr. shoved a Kansas City coach during a scuffle on the sideline, which is far from her most egregious take but one that doesn’t hold up to much scrutiny when you consider the coach actually pushed Harrison first.

The following week, Jackson earned his second entry on this list when he responded to some Ravens fans who were heckling him by pouring a bottle of water on the spectators from the safety of his luxury box.

October 2021

On Sunday, the Chiefs faced off against the Washington Football Team on what was a simply unreal day for Randi, Brittany, and Jackson.

After Mahomes threw an interception in the red zone, Randi suggested it shouldn’t count against her son’s stats because it brush against the hands of the wide receiver before it was picked off. Matthews once again took issue with the refs before issuing a nonsensical response to one of the haters she prides herself on ignoring, and while Jackson may not have intended to film a TikTok while dancing on an on-field tribute to Sean Taylor, it certainly wasn’t a great look.

That’s all I’ve got for now, but based on how things are currently trending, we’re just getting started—and I wish us the best of luck.