Peloton Wife Actress Reprises Her Role In New Commercial For Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin To Lampoon Viral Bike Ad

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For better or worse, the Peloton ad has gone viral, which has brought new-found fame to the husband and wife in the commercial. The Peloton wife actress is embracing her new notoriety by starring in a new commercial for Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin that lampoons the exercise bicycle ad.

The identity of the actress in the holiday Peloton commercial that was recently skewered on Twitter has been revealed. The young woman who weighed 112 lbs in the ad is Monica Ruiz. She is using her newfound stardom to appear in another viral commercial.

Ryan Reynolds owns Aviation Gin, which wisely asked Ruiz to reprise her role as the Peloton wife. But in the booze ad, she is exercising her liver and not her legs.

Everything You Need To Know About Model Monica Ruiz, Actress From Viral Peloton Ad

Reynolds released the Aviation Gin commercial featuring the Peloton wife on Friday night on Instagram with the caption: “Exercise bike not included.”

The alcohol commercial titled “The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back” shows Ruiz in a bar with two friends, but she is dazed and in a trance. Happy to be away from her Peloton bike, the actress sips on a gin cocktail.

“This gin is really smooth,” the glassy-eyed woman says.

“We can get you another one,” one friend says. “You’re safe here.”

“To new beginnings,” Ruiz’s overwhelmed character says and then guzzles down the entire drink in one gulp. “This is gonna be a fun night,” her friend points out.

“There you go, take this too,” her friend says as she gives Ruiz her cocktail.

“You look great by the way,” her friend adds as the commercial fades to a shot of Aviation gin.

Monica Ruiz is a model and actress from California. You can read more about her career HERE.

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