People On The Street Can’t Name A Single Country On A Map And I’m Dying At This

by 7 months ago
people can't name country on a map

Jimmy Kimmel Live / YouTube

Apparently, having a working knowledge of world geography now makes you an elitist. I’m basing this on the evidence I’ve seen in this video below from an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live last night where they sent a crew out onto the street to stop people and ask them to point out a country on a map, any country at all.

I’m sure that the majority of people they stopped on the street were able to quickly point out a country. At the very least they should’ve pointed to the United States of America. But the people who made the final cut couldn’t name a single damn country on the map. I’d laugh if I wasn’t so surprised at the complete inability of these people to name a country on the map:

Thank god for that kid at the end. The children are our future.

Also, the thing about these Jimmy Kimmel Live ‘man on the street’ videos is you never know whether or not the people they stop are actually that stupid, or if they just panic when they get on camera. In the same way that a lot of people cannot stand public speaking, a bunch of otherwise normal people cannot keep their cool in front of a camera. I want to believe that these people just can’t keep it together when that red light of the camera flicks on but maybe they really are that dumb.

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