People Constantly Think This Guy’s Mom Is His Girlfriend And Shoot Their Shot With Her

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Nathan Nguyen didn’t intend for his mom to go viral and be an international thirst trap, but here we are. The 22-year-old man from Los Angeles simply posted loving photos of his mom on the internet. The next thing he knows, everyone is amazed that she’s not his girlfriend of the same age because she has such a youthful and gorgeous appearance.

Nguyen posted photos of his beautiful mother on Facebook and Instagram. People immediately assumed the age-defying woman was his mother. Then things got awkward when people his own age start hitting on her. “Having a young Asian mom is great until you see someone your age shooting their shot at her,” Nathan wrote on Facebook.

The post quickly went viral. Commenters noted that Nathan’s mother looks like his mother or sister. “Woah. She’s beautiful,” one person said. “Thought she was your girlfriend.”

Nathan wisely did not reveal his mother’s age, but did tell the Daily Mail that she is “in her 40s.”

Many people wanted to know Nathan’s mom’s secret to looking young. Nathan responded that it is his stunning Vietnamese mother’s keto diet and exercise regime are the keys to her age-defying beauty.

Nathan said his mom is on a low-carb, high-fat diet. She eats “lots of fruit and working out every day” according to Nathan. “She works out every day, and won’t eat any processed foods for the most part,” he added. “She also has a skincare routine that I’m not too aware of,” he said of her flawless skin.

After his mother went viral, Nathan said that his “my mom might kill me LOOL.”

Nathan must have it rough when it comes to his friends. His friends are always like, “Hey Nathan, let’s go to your house and hang out again. I’d say let’s chill at my house but it’s being exterminated because we have a nest of angry opossums… so we might not ever be able to go to my house because the fumigation chemicals will linger forever. Guess we’ll just always need to hang out here with your mom.”