People Revealed The Worst Advice They’ve Ever Received And This Is Why You Shouldn’t Trust Anyone

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People Worst Advice Ever Received


Want to know what NOT to do with your life? Just do the opposite of what these poor people revealed was the worst advice they’ve ever received.

Oh, and especially ignore the advice if it comes from your family or friends, because based on the advice these folks over on Reddit shared, they’re all pretty much either out to get you or just plain idiots. (This is especially key around this time of year.)


In the early 70s I decided to major in computer science.

I was visiting a friend, and his mother asked…”what are you studying?”

I said computers, and she replied…”that’s a mistake, there’s no future in computers.”

Evidently she worked in old-school data processing and her company was having lots of layoffs. ~ MpVpRb

Take classes you love. Do not worry about grades. Just have fun.

4 years later and 100s of rejections from potential employers I can safely say that was the worst advice I ever got. ~ lenoxhill

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