Pete Davidson Says He’s ‘Disgusted’ By Ariana Grande’s Comments Towards Kanye West, Posts Cryptic Message About Not Wanting ‘To Be On This Earth Anymore’

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Ariana Grande’s ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson has made his feelings known about Grande’s comments directed at Kanye West.

Yesterday afternoon, Grande made a joke about wanting Kanye to stop tweeting about Drake so that people could buy here album. Ariana’s tweet irked Kanye, who went onto blast Ari for being insensitive about his mental health issues.

Ariana quickly apologized to Kanye but claims she was just joking and not using him to promote her music.

After Grande’s tweets to Kanye went viral, Davidson stepped in to defend Kanye for stepping up and talking mental health issues in a public forum.

Ariana Grande stans quickly took to social media to remind Davidson about him mocking Kanye for being crazy on SNL earlier this year.

Davidson then posted and deleted a message about not wanting to be on this Earth anymore.

Davidson has spoken out in the past about how dating the pop star affected his mental health in the past.

Hopefully Pete is getting help because his last message was pretty scary.

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