Pictures Show Just How Empty And Quiet New York City Is At The Moment

photos of empty new york city coronavirus

Getty Image / Tayfun Coskun

While New York City hasn’t adopted any sort of ‘shelter in place’ edict like San Francisco has, it has shut down public schools, movie theatres and gyms as well as placed restrictions on bars and restaurants limiting them only to take-out and delivery.

With these restrictions and the numbers of confirmed cases continuing to grow in New York and New Jersey, the entire city has turned into a ghost town as people continue to work from home and stay inside.

Photos of just how empty some of the most popular places around the city, particularly in Manhattan, have been going viral. Some of the places are almost unrecognizable due to the crowds being so small.

Times Square

The lights are still on, but nobody is there. I personally think Times Square is the worst place on the planet, but I bet it’s actually kind of nice without four million people standing around you and guys dressed up as Elmo trying to hustle you for a dollar.

8th Ave and Columbus Circle Subway Stop

It’s incredible, and also frightening, to see exactly two people at any subway stop in New York City at any given time, but that’s exactly what this picture shows.

The High Line in Chelsea

The walking path has officially been closed recently to improve social distancing efforts. It’s usually covered up with people trying to capture the perfect Instagram photo. It’s one of the coolest spots in the city when it’s not overly crowded, but nobody will be enjoying the walk in the near future.

Grand Central Station

These may be the craziest photos of all. For anyone that’s ever been to Grand Central Station, you know just how wild and crazy this place usually is at all hours of the day. It also looks extremely clean, which is nice.

Apple Maps Screenshot

I shared this screenshot from Apple Maps just before 8:30 PM on Monday night and as you can see there wasn’t one red line of traffic in, out, or around Manhattan at all. This is not normal.