These 10 Pictures Will Test Your Intelligence, Or Drive You Insane, One Of Those Things…

by 3 years ago
Pictures That Will Test Your Intelligence


I’m not sure whether the folks over at TheWacky, who pulled together these 10 pictures that will supposedly test your intelligence did it because they just thought people would like them, OR if they did it to drive yet another portion of the population mad.

I say that because some of these pictures will really screw with your brain. Oh dear God, no, not again

the dress

YouTube - TheWacky

Yep, they’re definitely just doing it to mess with our heads.

And don’t even get me started on this one…

YouTube - TheWacky

I think what that optical illusion revealed to me is that I am just inches away from losing my mind. Luckily, it will be a very short trip.

See how intelligent you are, or how close you are to going mad like me, and check out the entire video with all 10 pictures below. (If you can make all the way through, well, you’re obviously more intelligent than I am. That’s not really a compliment though. Cheers and godspeed.)

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