Good Guy Pilot Buys Burgers For All 70 Passengers On Board During Long Delay


What you are about to witness is the greatest act of a pilot since those Marine Corp. pilots drew dicks in the sky in October.

Sadly, there are no dicks in this story, but there is a very generous man doing his best to make a shitty situation better.

A Mesa Airlines flight from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Houston operated by United Express sat on the tarmac for two-and-a-half hours on Monday, delayed. To ease the agitation of his passengers, Captain Matthew Hoshor went out of his own pocket to buy the 70 passengers on-board lunch from Fat Guy’s Burger Bar, nearby burger joint in Tulsa.

Passenger Sam Walker tweeted out: ‘We’re currently 2.5 hours into a delay leaving Tulsa on @united and our Captain, Matthew just ordered every single person on the plane lunch from Fat Guys Burger Bar. Good people and customer service do still exist! #UA6329

According to Fat Guy Burgers website, your standard cheeseburger costs $6.99. Without tax or tip or delivery fees, that comes out to $489.30. We’re looking at well over $550 when it’s all said and done.

“He’s a really good guy,” Mesa Airlines’ Jonathan Ornstein told the Houston Chronicle. “We’re very proud of him. That he went out of his way like that to take care of the passengers … it really was outstanding customer services, way above and beyond.”

One of Matt’s flight crew members tweeted out that he is always a joy to work with.

Despite what the internet may suggest, there are still good people out there.

[h/t New York Post]

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