Pizza Box That Transforms Into A Table So You Can Eat Pizza In Bed Is One Of Humanity’s Greatest Triumphs

Democracy, Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, the Great Pyramids, vaccines, and space travel are just some of humanity’s greatest achievements. You can this pizza box that transforms into a table so that you can eat delectable pizza in bed to the list of mankind’s most magnificent triumphs.

Boston Pizza (which is actually based out of Edmonton, Canada, and not Massachusetts) introduced this modern marvel to the world this week. The pizza box is designed so that you can enjoy pizza while lifelessly laying in bed like the lazy slob that you are. No more being uncomfortable and sitting at the kitchen table to devour your glorious pizza. Relax in bed as a sausage crumble dribbles out of your mouth and lands on your pillow. Devour pizza in bed as a feeble attempt to ward off a killer hangover as you wipe sauce on your sheets while you binge-watch Season 3 of BoJack Horseman for the fourth time. The possibilities are endless!

The box comes with two additional layers of cardboard to create makeshift legs for your pizza tray. For some inexplicable reason, Boston Pizza is making this innovation available for a limited time. Did Thomas Edison make the electric light bulb available for a limited time? Did the Wright Brothers make the gift of flight available for a limited time? Did Shakespeare make his works available for a limited time? Excuse my language, but this is hogwash. The people deserve pizza boxes that double as bed trays.