Pizza Hut’s The REAL MVP For Delivering Hot Pizzas To Harvey Flood Victims Via Kayaks

The unprecedented outpouring of support for victims of Hurricane Harvey has been chicken soup for the soul. Celebrities have been writing ENORMOUS relief checks with Sandra Bullock and Leonardo DiCaprio each donating $1 million out of pocket. J.J. Watt has singlehandedly raised nearly $10 MILLION for the victims. Everyone is pitching in during this time of tragedy and it’s a much-needed reminder of what makes our country the greatest on earth.

Who’s the real MVP in all of these relief efforts? It’s not the Red Cross. News broke yesterday that
a Red Cross exec doesn’t even know what portion of current donations are going to the Hurricane Harvey relief effort. You could make the case that it’s J.J. Watt because he’s raised more money than God himself, but I’d argue that the Pizza Hut in Sugarland, Texas is the real MVP.

Why Pizza Hut? Because employees of the Sugarland, Texas Pizza Hut spent the day delivering hot pizzas to people stuck in their flooded homes, and they delivered those pizzas by paddling kayaks through the flood waters:

“We packed 120 pizzas into kayaks and took them out to people in their homes,” Habib told The Houston Chronicle. “The people in the houses didn’t expect us to come. It was so nice to see their smiles after so much gloom.”
She gathered a crew, placed pizzas onto kayaks and delivered hot pizzas to families in the Village of Oak Lake neighborhood in Sugarland, KPRC reported.
Sometimes the crew of 6 faced water as high as their chest. They had to paddle with the pizzas in their lap in areas where flooding was too severe, according to The Houston Chronicle. (via)

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If I ever find myself in Sugarland, Texas I’ll be sure to swing through that Pizza Hut and tip those employees out the wazoo for what they did. Pizza Hut isn’t the healthiest snack on the planet, obviously. It’s not even in my top 3 of the major pizza chains. But when life has beaten you down and you’ve officially hit rock bottom all you want is some goddamn comfort food, and that’s exactly what Pizza Hut delivered.

Fuck it, I’m ordering Pizza Hut for lunch and dinner today because I want to show Pizza Hut my appreciation for what they did for those in need. (h/t Miami Herald)