Former Playmate And Girlfriend Of Hugh Hefner Says There Is A Female Ghost Haunting The Playboy Mansion

Bridget Marquardt former playmate bunny and Hugh Hefner girlfriend says Playboy masion haunted by female ghost

Gather ’round the campfire children… if you dare, because I have a spooky ghost story for you. There is a female ghost haunting the Playboy Mansion. Okay, to be honest, that’s not even scary at all. If I’m going to be haunted by a spirit, my preference would be to be cursed by a former Playboy Playmate that keeps me up all night.

Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriend and former Playmate Bridget Marquardt said that the Playboy Mansion is haunted by a ghost. In an interview with The Morning Show on Channel 7 in Australia, The Girls Next Door reality star revealed that the Playboy Mansion is haunted by a spirit.

The 45-year-old former Playboy Playmate said that she “didn’t get a negative vibe at all.” Marquardt added, “I got a very positive vibe and I think that it might have been a former employee of Hef’s just coming to see the new addition to the family.” Oh no! A former Playboy Playmate haunting me? Oh no. Save me.

Marquardt she believed the specter was female, despite not getting a good look at the ghost. “It looked like a woman standing there.” There was nothing to fear from the phantasm because she felt a “positive vibe” from the female spirit. Is it a succubus? I bet its a succubus.

The 21,987-square-foot Playboy Mansion was constructed in 1927, featuring 29 rooms, a wine cellar, a screening room with built-in organ (heh), a waterfall and a swimming pool area that includes the world famous grotto. Hugh Hefner lived there for 43 years until he died in 2017 at the age of 91.

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The Playboy Mansion was listed for sale by Playboy Enterprises, Inc. for $200 million in January 2016. The Playboy Mansion was purchased for $100 million in August of 2016 by Daren Metropoulos, the co-owner of Hostess Brands. Delicious.

Here’s a tour of the Playboy Mansion, and while it doesn’t show it to be haunted, there are adorable monkeys.

Here’s another Hugh Hefner girlfriend, Holly Madison, talking about the Playboy Mansion. But the ghouls she experienced in the mansion were not paranormal.

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