The Fate Of The Playboy Mansion Rests In The Hands Of A 34-Year-Old Who Sells Twinkies

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The Playboy Mansion is as American as apple pie. But now that its owner and party curator has passed, it will likely transform into just another mansion owned by just another rich guy. The iconic 22,000-square-foot Los Angeles mansion was  sold in 2016 for $100 million to co-owner of Hostess Brands Daren Metropoulos, the son of billionaire investor Dean Metropoulos. To summarize, a cultural icon has handed the keys over to a Twinkie guy.

Back in 2009, the 34-year-old Metropoulos bought the home next door to Hefner and announced his plans to renovate the two homes and connect them to form an expansive 7.3-acre compound, reports Curbed LA.

Upon buying the mansion back in 2016, a clause in the purchase agreement stated that Hef would be able to live in the house he bought in 1971 for $1.1 million for the rest of his life, which expired Wednesday. It has been reported that Hef's 31-year-old wife, Crystal, is still living in the 22-room house and its unclear when she must move out. If I were Metropoulos, I wouldn’t mind a roommate like her.

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Although Metropoulos issued a statement after Hef’s death calling him a “visionary” and a “friend,” there are some who believe his motives for buying the property is simply a bargaining chip to take over the entire magazine.

Greg Harris of Compass told the The Real Deal:

‘If they own the tangible estate and the magazine, then they’re in the good spot because they can leverage that as a space,’ Harris said. ‘I just personally never fully believed or understood that he was going to knock it down and build one monstrous house. It would make sense that it’s part of a bigger opportunity.’

You Daren, you got some big shoes to fill. Best of luck.

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