Contestant On ‘The Price Is Right’ Suffers Freak Injury While Celebrating Big Win

Drew Carey hosting The Price is Right

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In 1972, the world was introduced to The Price is Right, the game show that multiple generations of retirees, aggressively unemployed members of the workforce, and sick kids staying home from school have long relied on for entertainment.

While Drew Carey replaced the legendary Bob Barker as the host of The Price is Right in 2007, the format has largely remained unchanged: a handful of lucky audience members are called down to Contestants’ Row in the hopes of getting a chance to participate in games that usually revolve around guessing the price of laundry detergent or a mid-size sedan before stepping up to “The Big Wheel” that grants you the right to participate in the Showcase Showdown.

If you’re familiar with The Price is Right, you’re probably aware one of the primary hosting duties is trying to calm down some of the incredibly enthusiastic contestants who can have a bit of trouble keeping their emotions in check after getting the opportunity to compete.

That includes Henry Joy, who heard his name called during an episode that aired on June 15th.

According to Parade, the 30-year-old had a chance to secure a trip to Hawaii by playing the game “Bonkers,” which tasked him to attempt to correctly guess if each digit in the four-figure price posted was either higher or lower than the actual retail value.

While Henry was understandably amped to learn he’d successfully landed a getaway that would’ve set him back a grand total of $8.418, he may have had to deal with some hospital bills after he managed to dislocate his shoulder while jumping around to celebrate the win

That freak injury meant his wife Alice was ultimately called in to spin The Big Wheel, which worked out pretty well when you consider the 95 it landed on was enough to punch his ticket to the Showcase Showdown.

It’s worth noting Henry can take some solace in knowing he’s not the only person to injure themselves on The Price is Right; in 2014, another contestant suffered a setback when she managed to sprain her ankle to the point where she used crutches while competing in the final round.

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