We Now Live In A World Where Pumpkin Spice Pizza Is Being Sold

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We’ve seen pizza lovers go rogue in the past year by putting peas and mayonnaise on their pizza or dunking their pizza in milk. But thankfully, those were just individual cases of a few people going off the deep end. But this most recent pizza abomination is even more worrying because it is not just one drunk YouTuber making a crazy pizza concoction for views, but rather a pizza shop that is selling their tainted pizza to the masses. A pizza shop is selling pumpkin spice pizza.


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The Villa Italian Kitchen in Tinton Falls, N.J. are selling pumpkin spice-flavored pizza because nothing is sacred anymore. The new pizza will feature pumpkin pie filling as a sauce, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, whole milk mozzarella, with dollops of pumpkin spice added atop the cheese. Slices will be sold for $4.09 each (Which is probably $4.09 too much) and are available while supplies last.



Pumpkin spice “is undeniably the most popular flavor of fall,” Villa Italian Kitchen spokesperson Brian Lowe told Vice.com. “We thought, what could be better than combining the popularity of Pumpkin Spice with pizza? So, after a few R&D sessions, we landed on the perfect Pumpkin Spice Pizza balance. It’s a magical place where all the deliciousness of pizza meets the flavors of pumpkin spice.” The question remains, “But why?”