You Can’t Unsee This Vomitous Atrocity: Somebody Dunked Their Pizza In MILK!!!

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I’m not one of these pizza purists who vigorously thrusts my opinions on people’s tastes in pizza. If you want to put pineapples on your pizza be my guest. I would recommend that a pineapple topping also is ordered with BBQ chicken and jalapenos for a savory sweet and heat ensemble. Have whatever you want on your pizza. Even if that means putting peas and mayonnaise on your pizza pie.

Whatever toppings make you happy go for it. I’m not part of the pizza topping Gestapo so I will not rake you over the coals for your pizza preferences. However, whatever you do, don’t do this.

A lunatic dipped their pizza in milk.

Let me repeat that.

A lunatic dipped their pizza in milk.

Maybe the terrorists have a point.

Dunking your pizza in milk is a travesty of epic proportions.

This heinous abomination caused rightful reactions such as this.

Then person doubled down on this vomitous monstrosity.

The problem with this revolting horror is that pizza is not cookies. Pizza needs a certain level of crispness, that’s why pizza that’s too greasy is nasty. So by dunking pizza in milk you degrade the firmness and it becomes a floppy, soggy piece of milky dough with sauce and wet cheese. Fine for cookies, not remotely okay for pizza.

Stop pizza abuse now.

Whatever your opinions are on the matter, I think we can all agree that pizza doesn’t belong on pineapples.