Marvel Just Dropped The Killer Opening Sequence For ‘The Punisher’ As Well As The Episode Titles

punisher opening title sequence episode names


Hey Marvel fans, remember way back in April of 2016 when Netflix announced there would be a new series starring The Punisher, one of the main characters from Daredevil season two?

“We want to thank the fans who are clamoring for more of Jon [Bernthal]’s stunning and powerful performance as Frank Castle from Marvel’s Daredevil,” Jeph Loeb, executive producer and head of Marvel Television, said in a statement back then. “Now combined with showrunner Steve Lightfoot’s compelling writing, we’re thrilled to bring Marvel’s The Punisher to Netflix.”

Yeah, that was cool, wasn’t it? Too bad it’s now August of 2018 and we still haven’t seen Jon Bernthal back on our TV screens as The Punisher except for a little snippet at the very end of The Defenders’ final episode. (Here are a ton more Easter eggs from that series if you’ve already binge-watched it.)

Until today!

Today Marvel finally let us see a little more than just a sledgehammer hitting concrete. In fact, they dropped not only the opening sequence, they also tweeted out a Morse Coded version of all 13 episode titles.

According to ScreenRant, who apparently know how to decipher Morse Code, they will be called 3 AM, Two Dead Men, Kandahar, Resupply, Gunner, The Judas Goat, Crosshairs, Cold Steel, Front Toward Enemy, Virtue of the Viscous, Danger Close, Home and Momento Mori.

The series will also star Ben Barnes as Billy Russo: Castle’s best friend from when he served in the United States Special Forces, Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Micro: A former NSA analyst, Amber Rose Revah as Dinah Madani: A Department of Homeland Security agent, with Deborah Ann Woll is back as Karen Page.

Unfortunately, we STILL do not have an actual premiere date other than “2017.” Someone really needs to punish them for that. Know anyone?

(*Yes, pun was intended in the title.)

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