Netflix Just Dropped The Trailer For ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 And HOLY HELL The Punisher Is A Total Badass!

Netflix just dropped the first OFFICIAL TRAILER for Season 2 of Daredevil, and GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY The Punisher looks like a complete and total badass. Previously Netflix had dropped a Season 2 teaser for Daredevil, and we got our first ominous look at The Punisher, but now we finally have a relatively in-depth look at the biggest character add in season 2 of Marvel’s Daredevil.

Daredevil Season 2 Trailer, A First Look At The Punisher — Netflix Originals

I completely geeked out on Season 1 of Daredevil, and thus far it’s been #1 for me amongst the Netflix originals. This is partly due to the fact that I’m easily suckered into all things Marvel, but also due to the fact that I’m an even bigger sucker for any movie or TV series that takes place in NYC. When I have a frame of reference to the filming locations it makes it all that much better, and easier to relate to the series.

Also, I’m guessing that The Punisher was trained at the School of Hard Knocks. At no point in the Season 2 trailer did The Punisher even crack a frown or a smile. The dude’s face is as still as night, no emotion….Lots of blood though, lots and lots of blood:

So, after seeing the Season 2 Trailer for Marvel‘s Daredevil are you bros as stoked as I am?

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