Experience ‘Pure Moods’ And Ascend To Nirvana With These 60 Seconds Of Unbridled 90s Nostalgia

  • This throwback clip for a ‘Pure Moods’ CD is like taking a time machine back to the mid-90s
  • The ‘Pure Moods’ CD compilation hit the USA like a freight train in the mid to late 90s and this video is a reminder why
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Are you ready to experience Pure Moods? Because I wasn’t. A colleague sent me this clip last night but I didn’t see it until this morning and it blindsided me.

I was suddenly taken back to the mid-to-late 90s. It’s as if I was just getting home from school and my parents weren’t home from work yet. I plopped down on my beanbag chair in front of the TV to flip on MTV or maybe the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, I don’t know.

Honestly, I can smell/taste that moment in time better than I can see it in my head and it smells like Sour Cream and Onion Lays chips. That was my go-to after-school snack at that moment in time. I was also big on those PikNik shoestring potato chips for a long time until my parents read the nutritional information on the label and banned them from our house.

This clip reminds me of walking into that weird hippie gift shop with my mom that sold those bamboo ‘rainmaker’ instruments, wind chimes, essential oils, and for some reason they always had the most prized collection of Beanie Babies in town even though the Beanie Baby hype was dying out. And the store would always have exactly ONE glass bong for sale under the counter and nobody would tell me it was for weed, they’d say that’s a ‘water pipe’ and little ol’ me thought these boomers were smoking water.

Anyway, this is a time machine and I love it. I’ve also included the full playlist below:

Aaaaaaand here’s the full playlist:

Also, can we talk about the STRAIGHT FIRE that man was spitting in the Pure Moods promo???

Imagine a world where time drifts slowly, a world where music carries you away.
Experience ‘Pure Moods’, the perfect soundtrack for your way of life.
Direct from Europe, this multi-platinum collection has won the hearts of millions.
Set adrift with the timeless pleasure of tubular bells or take a trip into the unknown with the X-Files theme.
No other collection gives you the feeling of ‘Pure Moods’.

Five sentences. That’s all it took to bring me back to that moment in time.

I think the world would be a better place if we could bring back TV commercials for albums.