A 22-Year-Old Quit His Job With A Condolence Card And It Went Viral, Now People Are Sharing How They Quit Their Job

If you hate your job and don’t plan on ever using it as a reference in the future, you have to go out with a bang. You can’t just give your boring two-weeks notice and call it a day. You need fireworks, something that will bring you great joy and leave your boss befuddled. One employee announced that he was quitting by giving his boss a condolence card.

Sam Baines, a 22-year-old worker at a call center in Sheffield, U.K. had an unusual resignation. He let his company know that he was leaving for good by giving them a condolence card.

“So very sorry for your loss,” the card read on the front. “Thinking of you at this difficult time,” it said on the inside. Then Sam handwrote: “My last day at work is the 28th July.” Someone who works at the company shared a photo of the epic card on Twitter and wrote the caption: “one of our team members handed in their notice like this.”

Sam is going back to college in September and decided this was how he wanted to announce his resignation. Sam knew that his boss would be cool and understand that it is nothing personal and just a harmless joke.

The tweet went viral, racking up over 75,000 retweets and more than 431,000 Likes. The post inspired others to share the creative ways that they quit their jobs and it turns out that many other people used condolence cards to say they’re quitting.

Some use a sheet cake and Krispy Kreme donuts to make it a delicious notice.

While others use cool dinosaur drawings to announce their resignation.

Then there are movie posters with Hugh Grant and Sandra Bullock.

Then again, you could quit your job the old-fashioned way with a mic-drop moment full of fury and rage that has been pent-up over the years.