The Latest Meme On Twitter Has Everyone Ranking Things In An Unexpected Way

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iStockphoto / jacoblund

It’s hard to remember a time on the Internet when people weren’t ranking things. Top 10 lists have been around for as long as I can remember. BuzzFeed grew into a company with a multi-billion dollar valuation by ranking the most mundane shit on the Internet.

The latest meme trend on Twitter has everyone ranking random items. Only, it’s not a straightforward ranking like we’re used to. In these ‘ranking meme‘ tweets, there’s typically some stalling before the big reveal. I could sit here and keep explaining how this meme works but what’s the point? It’s pretty self-explanatory once you see how the meme works. I’ll start with a tweet of my own so you can get the gist of the format and then we’ll look at the best ‘ranking meme’ tweets to hit Twitter so far:

Got it? Now that we’ve seen my weak effort at a great meme (and you’ve followed me on Twitter at @casspa) we can move on and check out the very best of the ‘Ranking Meme’ before it gets played out:

(h/t for their roundup of this meme)