Rapper Ice Cube Loses His Mind And Posts Wild Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory On Twitter

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Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any stranger, rapper Ice Cube is now sharing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on Twitter.

On Wednesday afternoon the rapper, who has been extremely active in recent weeks on Twitter, shared a black cube conspiracy theory which has historically implied that Jewish ‘elites’ worship Saturn as part of their satanic ritualism.

Cube’s tweets come a few days after he shared an image of a mural that was removed from a wall in London in 2012 because many believed it to be anti-Semitic.

Via Jerusalem Post

In the tweet, the image, which depicts several men sitting around a Monopoly board resting on the backs of naked black and brown men, is captioned: “All we have to do is stand up and their little game is over.”

The image by Los Angeles artist Mear One was painted on a building in London’s East End in 2012. It was removed after complaints,

People voiced their displeasure with Ice Cube’s tweets.

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