Fans Weirded Out By LeBron James Rubbing Rihanna’s Pregnant Belly

LeBron James poses for a photo.

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LeBron James was in Paris on Wednesday at the Louis Vuitton show, where he ran into longtime friend Rihanna. A clip of the two hugging is now going viral online due to James’s rubbing the pop star’s bare belly.

Rihanna is pregnant, as many noticed in her latest Super Bowl appearance. Fans on social media are now roasting King James for his awkward embrace.

The two have a past relationship that dates back to James’s time in Cleveland. According to a timeline provided by Andscape, one of their first encounters came in the summer of 2009.

Since then, the relationship has blossomed into a friendship, so it wasn’t odd to see the two superstars interacting at the fashion show this week.

What was odd, at least in many viewers’ eyes, was how Lebron greeted Rihanna.

The comments section immediately erupted with response as fans ripped James apart for his belly rub.

Many asked why he touched her belly in the first place.

Others think he confused it for a basketball.

Some think he just gave his blessing to the baby, not seeing an issue.

The belly rub was likely just an innocent touch between close friends. The comments are absolutely hysterical, though, as fans will take any chance possible to troll one of the greatest basketball players of all time.