15 Miami Students Living In Off-Campus Party House Sounds Like Seth Rogen’s ‘Neighbors’ IRL

by 11 months ago
party aftermath

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A group of 15 University of Miami students is living out the plot of Seth Rogen’s Neighbors in real life at the moment, and they’ve made headlines in the local news as partying in a real-life Animal House in the Glenvar Heights community. Neighbors are complaining about rowdy AF late night parties, people parking like animals, and other unnecessary b.s. that neighbors always seem to complain about.

Amy Viteri of ABC Local 10 reports:

“The students are constantly having these late-night parties, you know, walking drunk aimlessly,” neighbor Jessica Cruz said.

Photographs show cars parked haphazardly in yards and on the street, trash piles attracting rodents and even portable bathrooms in one yard.

Police have been called to at least one of the homes several times, and Local 10 found several noise violation citations have been issued and paid.

“One of the neighbors was actually approached by the students and they kind of threatened him and said, ‘Stop taking pictures. Our landlord is well-connected with the county and nothing is going to happen to him,'” Cruz said. (via)

According to reports, all 15 people living in the house are fraternity members but the ABC 10 article doesn’t specify which fraternity. It also just sounds like these dudes are living their lives. Unfortunately for the dudes living in the house, their landlord has decided not to renew their lease.

Everyone has shitty neighbors. Sure, you don’t want neighbors partying their asses off when you’re trying to sleep but the occasional party is most certainly not a nuisance. It doesn’t sound like these dudes are trying to burn the house down. They’re just living the college life.

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