Red Lobster Tries To Change The Seafood Game With New Lobster And Waffles Meal

Red Lobster and Waffles

Red Lobster

Everyone knows that fried chicken and waffles are a beautiful combination that might not sound like it should work, but it definitely, definitely works. Despite contrasting flavors, chicken and waffles are wonderfully delicious because of the sweet and savory amalgamation. Red Lobster doesn’t do fried chicken, they do seafood. But that didn’t stop them from getting into chicken and waffle game. Instead, they cooked up lobster and waffles. Interesting.

Red Lobster’s take on the Southern soul food pièce de résistance, features buttermilk-soaked deep-fried lobster tail atop a waffle. But this isn’t just any waffle, Red Lobster used their glorious Cheddar Bay Biscuit mix to make the waffles. Then the lobster and waffle are drizzled with sweet, gooey maple syrup. You’ve got your sweet, you’ve got your savory, and you’ve got your salty cheesy goodness.

Red Lobster’s lobster and waffles will be offered during Lobsterfest and in a restaurant near you starting on Monday, March 26th. The limited-time lobster and waffles meal will cost market value, but the dish is expected to cost around $20. Are you trying the lobster and waffles from Red Lobster?