Dozens Of Red Rocks Concertgoers Injured By Golf Ball-Sized Hail At Iconic Venue (Video)

Red Rocks Amphitheatre

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The United States is home to plenty of gorgeous music venues, but there aren’t many places you can catch a show that come close to matching the atmosphere you’ll get to experience if you head to Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado.

Red Rocks is tucked into the heart of the 659-acre park it shares its name with (a moniker that obviously stems from the geography that defines it), and the amphitheater—which is located 10 miles west of Denver and can hold around 9,500 spectators—has a rich history stretching back more than a century.

The hallowed venue has hosted some equally legendary acts over the years, including The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, and U2.

Bono and Co. narrowly avoided following victim to Colorado’s infamously unpredictable weather while filming a concert at Red Rocks in 1983, but the same cannot be said for Louis Tomlinson and the concertgoers who traveled there to see him play on Wednesday night.

The show featuring the former member of One Direction was slated to kick off at Red Rocks at 7 P.M., but those plans were quickly derailed due to the hailstorm that resulted in people fleeing for safety as golf ball-sized pieces of ice pelted anyone who wasn’t able to find adequate cover.

According to The Denver Post, upwards of 90 people were treated for various injuries after the storm passed, and seven people were sent to the hospital due to the severe (but thankfully non-life-threatening) ailments caused by the hail.

The show was ultimately called off, and Tomlinson promised to return while sending his best wishes to the people who were impacted.

That’s some pretty scary stuff.

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