Reporter On Live TV Remains Chill While A Police Shootout Breaks Out Behind Him

Live TV Gunshots San Diego

Fox 5 San Diego / Twitter

Jeff McAdam of Fox 5 San Diego must meditate daily or do yoga poses right before a live broadcast to remain this chill just yards away from a police shootout.

McAdam was filing a report about San Diego Comic-Con when shots rang out from a street over and the reporter just looks over, casually assesses the situation, and steps off-camera and possibly to shelter.

McAdam never stops talking and continues to broadcast and files a report on not just Comic-Con but a random shooting.

Watch McAdam read from his phone, acknowledge the gunfire, and just keep doing his thing.

McAdam then reported on the situation via Twitter when the cameras stopped rolling.

BTW – Comic-Con is canceled again for the second straight year.

[via Barstool]

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