Resale Price For Michael Jordan’s Air Jordan 1 ‘Chicago’ Sneakers Skyrocket After Being Featured On ‘The Last Dance’

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‘The Last Dance’ hype is real and is resulting in some insane prices for vintage Michael Jordan sneakers.

Over the weekend, ESPN’s documentary on the 98 Bulls heavily featured the Air Jordan 1 ‘Chicago’ that was infamously “banned” by the NBA during MJ’s rookie season for not adhering to the league’s strict dress code.

In one segment Jordan talked about playing in the shoes in final game as Bull at Madison Square Garden in 98.

Resale prices for the Air Jordan 1 “Chicago” sneakers have skyrocketed since the airing of “The Last Dance” began last month.

The retro version of the Jordan 1 which were released back in 2015 for $150 are now selling for more than $1,200 on the sneaker reselling app StockX.

The cheapest asking price for the original version of the Jordan 1’s is $7k on the app.