Restaurant Goes Viral With ‘My Girlfriend Is Not Hungry’ Menu And It Should Mandatory At Every Food Establishment

Restaurant with ‘My Girlfriend is Not Hungry’ menu item goes viral

iStockphoto / nicoletaionescu

The biggest lies ever told: “You’ll use algebra in real life,” “Mario uses his head to hit blocks,” “There was no room for Jack on the door in Titanic” and when your girlfriend says “I’m not hungry” when you go to a restaurant. One brave restaurant is calling out these women who blatantly lie about not being hungry when you go out to eat.

You know the deal, you ask your girlfriend or wife if she wants to get something to eat and she replies: “I’m not hungry.” That’s fine. But you are starving so you go to your favorite eatery. You browse the menu and pick your food. You double check with her and she insists that she doesn’t want any food because she’s “not hungry.”

You place your order, your food arrives and seconds later, your girlfriend steals a fry, a chicken nugget, five forkfuls of tagliatelle, whatever she can get her lying hands on. The “not hungry” person turns into a ravenous Sarlacc that can’t shove their face full of food fast enough.

The worst is when you order food at a drive-thru and you’re driving. You’re trying to drive home quickly enough so your food is still hot and crispy by the time you get back to your place. Then you’re on the road and you hear the bag rustling. She starts eating all of your scrumptious food minutes after she said she’s “not hungry.”

One restaurant is here to stand up against this injustice. Mama D’s restaurant in North Little Rock, Arkansas, has a brilliant “My Girlfriend is Not Hungry” menu.

The “My Girlfriend is Not Hungry” menu is a side dish for eaters of the diner and the option adds “extra french fries to your entrée, and fried chicken wings (2) or fried cheese sticks (3).”

The “My Girlfriend is Not Hungry” menu blew up and went viral because A.) It’s funny, B.) It’s true and C.) It’s funny because it’s true.

Who do we contact to make the “My Girlfriend is Not Hungry” menu mandatory for all food establishments? There needs to be a law that all restaurants must offer this option. Is that something we do through a petition or do I need to contact my local congress member?

Ladies, every guy is willing to share food with you, but when you say you’re “not hungry,” we stupidly take you at your word that you are “not hungry.” So we order the exact amount of food that we would eat by ourselves since you are “not hungry.” Be somewhat honest with us and say you’re a “little hungry” and we’ll make adjustments to the food order so that everyone can enjoy the amount of delicious grub that they so desire.