‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ Singer Oliver Anthony Cancels Show Over Expensive Ticket Prices ‘My Shows Should Never Cost More Than $40’

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Viral “Rich Men North of Richmond’ singer Oliver Anthony is taking a stand against high ticket prices even if it hurts his wallet.

On Wednesday, Anthony announced he was canceling a show scheduled for September 27th at the Cotton Eyed Joe nightclub in Knoxville, Tennessee, due to the venue charging $90-$200 to see him play.

“Cotton Eyed Joe has been cancelled. Ultimately, it’s my fault for not being more directly involved with the venues who have reached out. My plate has been full and I delegated the responsibility to someone else to help me book,”“I am not pointing fingers at Cotton Eyed Joe, I don’t know where the miscommunication took place. I’m just upset seeing those prices.”

“We will find another place in Knoxville area that can do $25 ticket and free meet and greet”

Oliver, who has made a name for himself as the voice of working-class Americans, says that he doesn’t think people should pay more than $40 in tickets to come check out his performance.

“Don’t buy $90 Cotton Eyed Joe tickets or $200 for a meet and greet. That’s not acceptable,” “Just saw the Facebook post and lost my s—. Miscommunication with my friend booking shows and I. My shows should never cost more than $40, ideally no more than $25. Oout of the 4 shows we have currently done, 2 of them have been completely free. This will get straightened out tonight. Hold off on buying tickets for now.”


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