I’m Getting Roasted For My Interview Skills With Navy Seal Robert O’Neill, The Man Who Assassinated Bin Laden

robert o'neill man who killed osama bin laden


I remember it like it was yesterday, it was my first week working for BroBible and on my second interview since joining, I was scheduled to interview American hero, Robert J. O’Neill who was the Navy Seal that assassinated Osama Bin Laden.

I had two interviews that day that could not be anymore different of a vibe from one another, first with the comedian Jimmy Tatro whose claim to fame is Netlfix special “American Vandal” about a high school student being accused of drawing dicks all over the school, and then a Navy Seal that just so happened to kill Bin Laden.

Safe to say I was a little more nervous for the second interview than the first and the Internet jumped all over it on a recent clip we posted that is now going semi-viral.

I cant help but laugh at myself and the comments of people ripping me for being outrageously quiet when asking my questions. As a kid who grew up in the New Jersey, New York area, it was hard for me the fathom the fact that I was now sitting next to not just an American hero that killed America’s most wanted man, but his father Thomas as well.

My whisper and tone of voice leaves me to believe that maybe I felt I was in the middle of a hardcore ’60 Minutes’ interview? You’ve got to give credit where credit is due and on this one I can’t help but tip my cap to the Internet here, I am absolutely shitting bricks in this interview and it shows.

I would like to thank both O’Neill’s for being total bad asses and carrying the living hell out of this interview. My worst interview has turned into my best as far as views go simply because these men had a story to tell. A fascinating one that was the result of years and years of hard work and a father, son bond that simply can not be broken. There’s so much to take in here on this clip, the mind blowing story of the Bin Laden raid told from the man himself, and a host with a voice so low that the Internet couldn’t help but tee off on.

Internet – 1

Big Game Bob and The Brilliantly Dumb Show – 0

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