A Rocket Just Blasted Off In ‘Fortnite’ And Cracked Open The Sky In Battle Royale


Epic Games

A big, big day on Fortnite today as a huge rocket launch went down. At 1:30 PM ET on Saturday. A rocket launched from Snobby Shores and burst through the atmosphere leaving a crack in the sky.

Fortnite‘s Season 5 doesn’t kick off until July 12th, but a massive prelude went down today as the rocket blasted off from a silo in Villain’s Lair during Battle Royale gameplay. The rocket left a massive crack in the sky above the board, suggesting that the map might be some kind of dome. The rocket launch left various rocket parts strewn around Anarchy Acres.

WHAT DOES THIS ALL MEAN?!?!? Is the sky falling?!?!? Is the map a dome? Is there a dimensional rift? We will probably have to wait until Season 5 for answers. In the meantime, watch videos of the epic rocket launch and try to understand it all.