The First ‘Rocketman’ Trailer Just Arrived And This Musical Fantasy About Elton John Is Going To Be Awesome

Rocketman Trailer Elton John Taron Egerton

YouTube / Paramount Pictures

I guess we’re in one of those film cycles where the fat cats of Hollywood realized that people are willing to show up at the box office and spend money to see stories of the most famous musicians from yesteryear.

We’ve seen this happen recently with Bohemian Rhapsody starring Rami Malek, the film about Queen frontman Freddie Mercury’s epic life. There’s reportedly a film about the late great Prince in the works according to a report that Bruno Mars said he *would not* play the role of Prince in the film. And I’m 99.999% certain we’ll see a film about David Bowie’s life pop up in the news any day.

Rocketman is an ‘epic musical fantasy’ about Sir Elton John’s life. It’ll take fans through his early life, meteoric rise to stardom, and life as one of the most influential musicians the world has ever seen. The movie will start Taron Egerton as a young Elton John, if that name doesn’t ring a bell for you the face will. He’s best known for playing Eggsy in the Kingsman franchise as a badass spy.

We knew the trailer was coming soon after Paramount UK released a still image from the film showing Taron Egerton as a young Sir Elton John.

The first trailer for Rocketman just hit the Internet even though the film won’t hit theaters until the Summer of 2019. I’ve loved Sir Elton’s music for as long as I can remember and after seeing this trailer I have to say that I’m definitely stoked for this film.

This movie is going to be incredible. I don’t see any possible way that Sir Elton John would’ve allowed this film to see the light of day if it wasn’t over-the-top and amazing in every aspect. Just look at the fucking swagger of this 71-year-old man and tell me he’d allow a mediocre film to be made about his life.

Taron Egerton has absolutely crushed the role of Eggsy in the Kingsman franchise. I didn’t know anything at all about Kingsman before I saw the first film and I was blown away. I have no doubt he’ll crush the role as Elton John.