This Extreme Rope Swing x Zipline Catapult Could Change Summers At The Lake Forever

I genuinely feel badly anyone who wasn’t fortunate enough to grow up with a rope swing at some point in their childhood. To be completely deprived of that experience, or to be a yellow-bellied ninny too afraid to try it, that’s just the saddest existence I can think of.

It’s not like I had one in my backyard. My time with the rope swing with limited to Summers in upstate New York in The Adirondacks and river trips throughout Florida. But it’s quality, not quantity. You could spend a single afternoon ripping the rope swing and it might change your whole damn life.

Am I really this passionate about rope swings? Hell, no. I’m just coming off the tail end of the longest two weeks of my life and all I can think about is how nice it’d be to find myself chilling on the lake with nothing to worry about but executing the perfect backflip off of this Rope Swing x Zipline catapult built by the DD Squad.

Check it:

If that’s not living the dream then I don’t know what is. Sure it took an outrageous amount of energy to put that thing together but it was sure as shit worth it in the end, wasn’t it?

This clip was filmed by the ‘Dunking Devils‘. You can hit that ‘subscribe’ button underneath their YouTube video to stay up to date on their latest clips.