Russell Crowe Was ‘Insulted’ By ‘Deadpool 2’ Audition Offer Because Russell Crowe Has A Permanent Poop In His Pants

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Imagine the hiring director at a very hot company contacts you out of nowhere and offers you to interview for a temporary gig that will ultimately pay you millions. Now imagine that the first emotion that surges through your body is…disrespect. Imagine feeling contempt because you don’t interview for jobs, you just get them. Imagine being that big of an asshole.

There’s a reason Russell Crowe has a reputation of being a giant boner, and this story by Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld seems to support that.

Liefeld opened up on Twitter about the time he asked Crowe to read for Cable in Deadpool 2.

One night before I went to bed, I didn’t know Russell Crowe was on Twitter, and I stupidly tweeted to Russell Crowe — not ever thinking he’d answer me — and I go ‘Hey Russell, you should read for Cable!’ That didn’t turn out very well, I got yelled at a lot, because I woke up, because he’s in Australia, to Russell Crowe saying ‘Read for it?’ And my manager said ‘Yeah, Russell Crowe doesn’t read for parts. Rob, you kind of insulted him. I’m like ‘I’m sorry. They just haven’t picked Cable yet so I’m just putting it out there.’ And then my phone rings, so some Fox people may or may not have yelled at me for an hour.

Someone punch me in the face if I ever allow myself to be yelled at for an hour for something so trivial and innocent. Please, break my nose.

Crowe has a history of being super petty when it relates to movie roles. At one point, Crowe was the favorite to play Wolverine in Bryan Singer’s X-Men. He turned it down because of the perceived similarities with Maximus Aurelius’ wolf motif fromGladiator.

He said, according to Cinema Blend:

If you remember, Maximus has a wolf at the centre of his cuirass, and he has a wolf as his companion … which I thought was going to be a bigger deal [at the time]. So I said no, because I didn’t want to be ‘wolfy’, like ‘Mr Wolf.’

Russell Crowe’s net worth hovers around $100 million. The world is not fair.

[h/t Uproxx]

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