Scientists Have Discovered A Shipwreck Containing $17 BILLION Worth Of Treasure

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As anyone who read the SparkNotes of Moby Dick knows, the life of a sailor in a time when boats were still made out of wood was a dangerous one. Even if you weren’t facing off with a justifiably vindictive whale, you ran the risk of running into a band of pirates, opposing armies, and whatever elements you might come across during your voyages across the sea.

The sailors of the Spanish galleon San Jose learned this the hard way when they encountered a fleet of British ships on their way to Colombia in 1708, which resulted in the ship exploding and sinking into the sea along with all of the precious cargo it was carrying. For over three centuries, no one was able to find it, but a group of researchers recently confirmed they’ve discovered the shipwreck— as well as a treasure trove worth an estimated $17 billion.

According to CNN, scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution sent a submersible down 2,000 feet and came across some of the bronze cannons the ship was equipped with. They made the discovery in 2015 but had to get permission from other groups who with a claim to the treasure— including the Colombian governemt— before releasing details to the public.

There’s currently a bit of a standoff between the organizations affiliated with the wreck, each of which would love to get their hands on the gold, silver, and emeralds the ship was hauling when it sank.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find someone in Colombia who will sell me a submarine.

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