Recapping Season 1 Of Entourage On ‘Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah’ – The Entourage Podcast

Before Queens Boulevard, before Aquaman, before Mandy Moore, an eventful trip to Sundance, and even Sloane, the gang on Entourage was just… themselves. Smoking blunts, slinging one liners, busting balls, moving and shaking around Hollywood while Vince slowly positions himself as one of the biggest stars of the era.

All the while, we’re left with Turtle’s bong resin and golden Drama one-liners a la this one:

Eric: We had breakup sex, all right?
Drama: Breakup sex? Never heard of it.
Eric: Yeah, I mean, you know… you have sex and then that’s it. You say “goodbye.”
Drama: That’s the only kind of sex I have.

A couple months ago, JR Hickey began his quest to start Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah: The Entourage Podcast, a podcast celebrating the show and breaking down every single episode of Entourage from the beginning.

After ending Season One with an incredible episode from Instagram’s @EntourageQuotes, JR invited me to come on the show to do a full recap of the highlights from Season One. Our conversation lasts about an hour – You can listen to it in iTunes or Spotify

Not to spoil anything from the podcast, but my personal favorite scene is from when Ari storms Josh Weinstein’s beach party in Malibu, dropping haymakers throughout the episode:

 I want you to go to that party on Saturday, represent the agency, let Vince know that my army’s everywhere. You are in the middle of this whether you like it or not, okay? You want to be a hero? You want a medal, or are you a coward? Knock off the hippie shit, strap on a helmet, and start shooting. This is Malibu, Emily, I want you to storm that beach like it’s fucking Normandy!

And of course, the priceless scene with Josh Weinstein:

Go listen to the full episode on iTunes or Spotify.