Secret Document Sent To Canadian Prime Minister About UFO Shot Down In February Revealed

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A secret UFO document that was sent to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about an object over the Yukon has been revealed.

The previously unseen memo to the Prime Minister addresses one of a series of UFOs that were shot down by the United States military in February.

According to CTV News, who obtained the secret document through a freedom of information request, this particular UFO was shot down by a US Air Force F-22 fighter jet over northern Canada’s Yukon territory on Feb. 11.

The document states that the UFO, described as cylindrical in shape, was already the 23rd unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) to have been tracked over North America in 2023.

It also states that “NORAD Canadian CF-18 Hornets had been scrambled,” but “the F-22s were better located based on time, space, and fading light.”

“NORAD numbers objects on a sequential basis, per year, to track every detected object that is not immediately identified; upon cross-examination most objects are found to be innocuous and do not meet the threshold for higher reporting or engagement,” reads the heavily-redacted document.

“Object #23’s function, method of propulsion, or affiliation to any nation-state remains unverified.”

The Canadian government did attempt to recover the UFO debris, but called off the search on Feb. 17 due to freezing temperatures and the remote location.

“It is unknown whether it poses an armed threat or has intelligence collection capabilities. The area in which the impact occurred is a known (caribou) migration route, which opens the possibility of future accidental discovery by Indigenous hunters.”

Trudeau was also told, “As additional UAP are detected, we will continue to keep you apprised.”

However, the Canada’s Department of National Defense refused to disclose how many other unidentified objects have been detected over North America since the February UFO incident when asked by CTV News.

“Following the identification of the larger high-altitude surveillance balloon, NORAD adjusted our detection capabilities to give us better fidelity on seeing smaller, slower objects at various altitudes,” a Canadian defense spokesperson said. “Each event is unique and NORAD’s response is determined on a case-by-case basis.”

Read the full memo here.

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