Cow Spoils Senior Prank, Breaks Free, And Runs Through Chicago Suburbs

cow making funny face

iStockphoto / Clara Bastian

Students at Northridge Preparatory School in Niles, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, used live farm animals in a senior prank that went awry.

The cow broke free and ran through the suburb, living its best life, before some local cowboys wrassled the loose cow to the ground and subdued it.

Now the cow will be taken to the Hooved Animals Humane Society where it can continue living a great life. But not before locals captured video footage of the cow running all over town.

The story was picked up by CBS Chicago:

Police responded to an incident at the Northridge Preparatory School around 3 am. All things aside, that is way too late in the night for a senior prank. How’s a student supposed to focus in class the next day when they’re dragging livestock around a school in the wee hours of the morning?

According to a report in ABC 7 Chicago, the cow was purchased from Winneconne, Wisconsin on Craigslist. Presumably, they used a livestock trailer to get it down to Niles for the prank.

Neighbors went looking for the cow as word spread there was one on the loose.

Jaime Michelini told ABC 7 “We saw a helicopter, and then we saw the trucks, so we walked on over to see if there really was a cow. We really saw a cow.”

Another neighbor told the local news “it looked like a rodeo” with the “police and trappers” out there wrangling the cow safely.

For those wondering, the students aren’t in trouble. The school isn’t pressing charges and they are handling the cleanup internally.

This is all reminiscent of the two llamas running loose in Arizona years ago, one of the most exciting days on Twitter:

What a day that was.