Shaq Dropped A Music Video For His New Song ‘3 Lokos’ And We’re Not Sure If We Love It Or Hate It

DJ Shaq performing music

Getty Image / Steve Jennings / WireImage

Shaquille O’Neal has released a new music video for the song ‘3 Lokos’ on a collaboration with Los Angeles rap dup Coyotes made up of Ladies Love Guapo and Ricky Blanco.

Is it good? We’re not clear. Shaq takes the third verse to spit his bars and his lyrics are pretty generic, all things considered, but there’s something great about watching Shaq riding a lowrider bike in Los Angeles while rapping.

Ladies Love Guapo spoke with TMZ about getting DJ Shaq Diesel to rap on ‘3 Lokos,’ telling them “(Shaq) was like as long as it’s some hardcore stuff, I’m down. So we made a hardcore hip hop ’90s-type song and we’re like ‘Bro, let’s send it to Shaq,’ and he got on it, did his thing, he spit like 32 bars. He went off!”

They shared some behind-the-scenes footage claiming ‘every lowrider in the city pulling up’ to the video shoot. Which has me wondering if there’s a lowrider shortage in LA these days.

I’m also curious if they’re tall guys or if they are standing on boxes for this picture just to come up to Shaq’s shoulders?

It remains to be seen if the track’s title, ‘3 Lokos’, pays homage to Three Loco made up of Andy Milonakis, Riff Raff, and Dirty Nasty.

Or perhaps it’s just parallel thought that brought both groups to riff on the ‘Four Loko’ drink name for their music endeavors. Regardless, seeing Shaq’s ‘3 Lokos’ has triggered memory of ‘Beer’ by Three Loco and it’s time to fire that up this weekend:

They just don’t make music like they used to…. We need more Three Loco in 2023.