Shaq Lip-Syncing Beyoncé Is Unbelievably Entertaining

shaq lip sync beyonce

Shaq is back to lip-syncing Beyoncé again and I have exactly zero complaints.

The NBA Analyst/Hall Of Famer/TV Analyst/Rapper/Actor/Genie/Sheriff/Giant/Human Commercial has declared himself Beyonce’s biggest fan in the past. Which is true because he’s the biggest anything but I think he also might be one of her most passionate fans, at least after watching these lip-sync videos.

Earlier today, Shaq was passionately rocking out to Beyoncé’s I’d Rather Go Blind:

This is far from the first time Shaq has expressed his love for Beyoncé, or even far from the first time he’s lip-synced Beyoncé and shared it on video.

But if we can be sure of one thing, it’s that Shaq’s favorite Beyonceé song is absolutely Halo. Dr. Shaq would tell you himself, Halo is Shaq Daddy’s fucking jam.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B, Shaq Diesel crushing Bey’s All Night:


Exhibit C and my final piece of evidence, Shaq going absolutely HAM-bone on Halo:


And while this has nothing to do with Halo, in particular, it’s probably the greatest tweet of all time: