Shaquille O’Neal Went Crazy In The Mosh Pit Before Headlining A Nightclub And Hanging With Professional Wrestlers

Shaquille O'neal DJ Diesel

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  • Shaquille O’Neal is not just a great guy and NBA Hall of Famer, he is also a multi-platinum musician and DJ.
  • He headlined a club in Orlando over the weekend and hopped in the crowd to join the party.
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Shaquille O’Neal is 7-foot-1, 324 pounds. When he is in public, there is no hiding.

That was the case on Friday night into early Saturday morning. The 49-year-old was headlining at the Vanguard nightclub in Orlando and took the time before his set to enjoy the party with the crowd.

When it was time for his set, DJ Diesel said to the crowd, “I’m home bitches,” referring to the place where he began his NBA career.

Not only is Shaq one of the most dominant basketball players in history, but he is one of the greatest entertainers on earth. His rap album sold over a million copies and peaked at No. 25 on the Billboard charts in 1993, making him the only athlete with a platinum-selling album.

Since then, he transitioned into the electronic space and DJ Diesel was born. His dance music debut came at TomorrowWorld in 2015 and now mixes the best of Trap, EDM and Hip Hop on a fairly regular basis.

Shaq has cemented the title of ‘the biggest DJ in the world’ and he certainly sticks out. He was all up in the crowd on Friday and he’s hard to miss.

After playing his set in Orlando, Shaq got choked out by professional wrestler Austin Gunn.

Shaq often gets in the crowd and joins the mosh pit before he gets on stage like he did at Vanguard. Watching an NBA Hall of Fame frame throw people around is quite the scene.

Never stop partying, DJ Diesel!