Sharon Stone Blocked From Bumble Dating App Because No Men Thought Her Profile Was Real

Actress Sharon Stone says she was blocked from the dating app Bumble after too many men reported her online dating profile as fake.

Getty Image / Matthias Nareyek / Stringer

Actress Sharon Stone was blocked from using the dating app Bumble. But the bigger story might be that you could date Sharon Stone by using the dating app Bumble.

Sharon Stone went to social media to inform the public and Bumble that her profile was blocked because too many men on the online dating app reported her account to be a fake account. You can’t blame them for being suspicious that the Basic Instinct actress was looking for a man on Bumble.

“I went on the @bumble dating sight and they closed my account. Some users reported that it couldn’t possibly be me! Hey @bumble, is being me exclusionary? Don’t shut me out of the hive,” she wrote on her Twitter and Instagram pages.

Bumble was quick to respond to the Casino actress.

“There can only be one Stone. Looks like our users thought you were too good to be true,” the official Bumble Twitter account responded. “We’ve made sure that you won’t be blocked again. We hope that everyone in our community takes a sec to verify their profiles. (Catherine Tramell from Basic Instinct gets a pass today!)”

Bumble editorial director Clare O’Connor reached out to Stone to assist Stone.

“Oh no, @sharonstone! @Bumble editorial director here. We’re on the case. Trust us, we *definitely* want you in the Hive. We’ll get back to you ASAP,” O’Connor wrote on Twitter.

Bumble has since reinstated Stone’s dating profile so she can get “back to Bumbling.” “AHA! @sharonstone, we at @bumble found your account, unblocked you, and ensured this won’t happen again,” O’Connor wrote. “You can get back to Bumbling! Thanks for bearing with us and hope you find your honey.”

This “mistake” could be the best publicity Bumble could ever ask for.

Stone has been married twice, first to producer Michael Greenburg and then to newspaper editor Phil Bronstein for six years before she divorced him in 2004.

In case you were wondering if the 61-year-old Sharon Stone still has it, here are photos and videos for last May’s “sex issue” of Vogue Portugal (Yes, she very much still has it).

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