Ever Wonder What Happens When You Shoot WD-40 Cans With A .50 Cal Rifle? Answer: Awesome Fireballs

What’s up, BroBible? I had intended to share this video from Demolition Ranch with you all over a week ago but I was out most of last week (and all of the week before) on paternity leave, welcoming by perfect son into the world.

What better way to get back on the grind than write about some big ol’ guns, right? I don’t know how you dudes spent your college weekends but there was a period of several months at FSU where my roommates and I would drive out to the woods on the outskirts of Tallahassee and throw paint cans into fires and shoot them with BB or pellet guns. This was enjoyable and an activity we couldn’t get enough of during our senior year.

One thing I never had the chance to do back in college is shoot a can of WD-40 with a .50-caliber rifle. This opportunity never presented itself mostly because nobody I knew then (or known now) was in possession of a .50-cal.

WD-40 is super combustible and as you can imagine this creates one hell of a fireball when shot with a gun. That’s what you’re in store for with the latest clip from Demolition Ranch, some easily manufactured but excellent fireballs.

I can’t explain what it is about these big-bada-boom explosions that really suck me in on YouTube but I’m a sucker for them. If you’re out there on the Internet creating some badass explosions, you can feel free to send them my way over on Twitter at @casspa!

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