A Massive Sinkhole On A Utah Golf Course Gave Players An Unexpected Hazard

A view from above a golf course.


Players on a Utah golf course were met with an unexpected hazard after a massive sinkhole opened up in the fairway. Videos of the scene are now circulating on social media, sparking a reaction from viewers.

The Weather Channel actually posted a reel to its Instagram account showing the action up close and personal while also attempting to explain what caused the bizarre sight.

The post says that runoff from the nearby American River could be the culprit, while a harsh winter may have compounded the issue. Record snowpacks from the past season have led levels of the area’s waterways to run high.

Officials of the course, located at Fox Hollow Golf Club in American Fork, UT, said they recently removed a tree that got caught in the pipe from the river.


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Commentary from the golfers on the course seems to agree with this line of thought.

“These Utah golf courses cannot take this winter,” the player says. “All the snow, and all the water runoff is literally breaking away and corroding [the course] as we speak, as people walk on it. There may not be much more of this par 3 left soon.”

It’s not the first time we’ve seen something like this on the course. This video shows a man actually getting sucked into a sinkhole during a round of golf.

Fans were quick to post on this most recent occurrence.

One follower said, “Wow… it’s almost as if it’s a sign that building a golf course in the middle of a desert is a bad idea!”

Another person wrote, “There’s something satisfying about mother nature taking back a golf course.”

This golf fan joked, “Oh cool, a new obstacle!”

A bizarre scene, for sure.

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