Have Trouble Sleeping? Here’s the Optimal Room Temperature To Get The Best Night’s Rest



Sleeping can really be a pain in the ass, can’t it? Just when you find yourself zonking out on the couch while watching some boring movie on Netflix, as soon as you move to your bedroom it’s like you’re ready to pull an all-nighter, tossing and turning and having your mind run rampant with a bunch of different thoughts. It sucks so bad when it happens, but it’s definitely more common than getting a good night’s sleep a lot of times.

Even worse than being caught up in all your thoughts while sleeping is sitting there throwing blankets on top of you to stay warm, or ditching clothes to try and stay cool. It’s an ongoing battle a lot of nights in bed, and it’s one that never seems to be consistent every night.

Well, until now.

That’s because some very smart experts decided to tackle this question: What’s the optimal temperature to have the best rest? According to The Ladders, here’s what researchers found.

For most people, the ideal temperature for slumber is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although some people associate being cozy and warm with better sleep, keeping your bedroom cool instead of warm can actually facilitate quality slumber. This is because when you’re lying in bed about to snooze, your body temperature naturally decreases to help initiate sleep. Keeping the temperature in your bedroom between 60 and 67 degrees can actually aid your body with this cooling process and help you fall asleep faster as a result.

Keeping your bedroom cool at night doesn’t only help you fall asleep, it helps you stay asleep too. Your body temperature is at its lowest right before you fall asleep, but it rises throughout the night as you get closer to waking.

So, there you have it, bros. Gone are the days of sleeping two hours a night because you’re either too hot or too cold, because the secret temperature has been found. And while some may argue that going as low as 60 degrees might be a little too chilly, just remember that you can always layer yourself with blankets or adjust the temp a little more to fit what’s best for you.

Do your body a favor and try adjusting the thermostat in your apartment or house before going to get all those flannel sheets or expensive alternatives. Yep, it really is that easy when it comes to sleeping like a baby each night.

(H/T The Ladders)