‘Slotherhouse’ Is A Movie About A Killer Sloth And Nothing Will Prepare You For The Trailer

A sloth hanging upside down. Slotherhouse

Getty Image / picture alliance

Step aside Cocaine Bear and make room for Slotherhouse. That’s right, we have a horror film about a killer sloth coming out soon!

There’s just something about animals that get peoples juices flowing. But these films seem to be getting more ridiculous by the day.

We’ve seen Sharknado, a movie about a bear high on cocaine, and now this killer sloth movie.

IGN shares the full trailer for Slotherhouse. And believe me, nothing will prepare you for it. So, just sit back, relax, and take it for what it is.

This just goes to show you can really make a movie about anything. Name it. You can make a movie about it.

Obviously that’s the case since Slotherhouse is set for release on August 30.

With that said, I’m probably still going to watch this movie. Maybe not in theaters, but it’s definitely one of those horror comedy films that should just be a fun watch.

If I’m having a night in on a Saturday night, why not throw this on while sipping some good beer. Maybe I’ll cook a frozen pizza too while I’m at it.

The film actually doesn’t have too bad of a casting list though. Lisa Ambalavanar is most known for her role as Jinx in the live action Titans series.

Additionally, Stefan Kapicic has been involved in the Deadpool franchise playing the voice of Colossus. He also played Casper in Better Call Saul.

Maybe this movie isn’t your cup of tea, maybe it is. Either way, it’s likely going to garner some interest due to how bizarre the concept is.