Nobody’s Having A Better Week Than This Person Who Turned $5 Into $1.5 Million After Hitting A Slots Jackpot

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  • A gambler in Las Vegas who wishes to remain anonymous is having the best week of his/her life after turning $5 into $1.5 million
  • They cashed in on the
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Nobody in Las Vegas is having a better week than the person who just hit a progressive slots jackpot and turned $5 into $1.5 million. They chose to remain anonymous but I have to imagine this person is really just living their best life right now.

I’ve hit exactly two slots jackpots in my lifetime and by ‘jackpots’ I mean I’ve won about $500 on each occasion. One time it was in Costa Rica and the night before a marlin fishing trip which was AWESOME because it paid for 1/3 of the trip. The other time I was in Panama and playing nickel slots at an all-inclusive and the hotel said it was the most money they’d ever seen anyone win at their slots.

I felt like a king. All of that pales in comparison to this anonymous gambler’s winnings. Check this out:

The Las Vegas Review Journal does a regular roundup of big bets/jackpots won. There was anther person who raked in $10,499 playing slots, someone in California turned $3 into $12,529, another couple won $11,532 on a ‘Drums and Prosperity’ slot machine, and a person won a $29,989 jackpot slots jackpot on a Walking Dead machine.

Add up all of those jackpots and they still don’t come anywhere close to the $1.5 million won on the progressive slots at The Venetian.

Meanwhile, I haven’t stepped foot in a casino in what feels like years. I guess it actually has been years, maybe two. I’m long overdue for a Las Vegas trip with the boys. The desert is calling my name. I need to go burn in the sun and lose a metric ton of chips.

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